Why is dealing with a Certified QuickBooks Gold Developer Important?

When you purchase any of our products, you can be assured it works as advertised and meets the rigorous quality standards required by Intuit.

With Intuit Gold Developer Status, 14 years of QuickBooks developer experience and over 35,000 satisfied customers, why take a chance with your accounting data? Get the best data import/export tools from TransactionPro.com and start spending your time focused on your business, not on data entry.

To become a QuickBooks Gold Developer, our company had to meet the following standards:

  • Perform integration with QuickBooks using the QuickBooks SDK
    (QuickBooks Software Development Kit). This assures that all data exchanged with QuickBooks and the 3rd party application is validated by QuickBooks in much the same way as entering the transaction manually.
  • QuickBooks Technical Check Approval
    Products were independently tested and approved by an independent third party testing company selected by Intuit. All QuickBooks Gold Developers have passed the QuickBooks Technical Review administered by an independent third party to ensure it meets Intuit's requirements for integrating with QuickBooks and other product functionality. For in-depth information on the QuickBooks Technical Review, please visit:
  • Passed Quality Survey of Existing Customers
    Requirement to have a third party company survey our existing customers and rate their satisfaction with our products. The customer satisfaction surveys are web-based surveys sent to our customer base. The survey is conducted and administered by an independent third party. Each survey consists of 32 questions about the product's functionality, ease of use, technical service, and overall user experience.
  • Case Studies
    Required to write a case study on one of our existing users demonstrating the value of our products.

    To review this data on the Intuit Marketplace, please visit the following link:

    Important notation regarding IIF files: Tools that use IIF files cannot be included in the QuickBooks Marketplace, are not approved by Intuit and may lead to problems with your QuickBooks file. Be wary of using IIF files to import transactional data. The safe way is to use tools like the ones found on this website that utilize the QBSDK.

    About TransactionPro.com: Baystate Consulting has been in business since 1995 writing and supporting accounting and general business applications. We have been a member of the Intuit Developer Network since 2003 and have been writing and supporting QuickBooks applications since 2002. We have thousands of satisfied customers and look forward to servicing you.