What's New in 01 Transaction Pro Import Wizard - Version 2.0

  • Support for Excel files as well as text delimited files
  • Stronger validation before import: TPI now sets all import data field lengths to the maximum allowed by QuickBooks. TPI also checks for fields to be in the proper format. This almost completely eliminates all data validation errors when importing the file into QuickBooks.
  • Exception File for failed Transactions: Ability to output unsaved transactions to an exception file. This exception file can be used to re-import the failed transactions.
  • Load and save unlimited map files for each transaction type
  • Ability to skip transactions with reference numbers that already exist in QuickBooks
  • Ability to send a default value to a QuickBooks field instead of mapping to a field in import file
  • Ability to set record terminators (CR/LF, CR, or LF)
  • Integration with e-Commerce Edition features. Now one version of TPI
  • Options screen to set all program options in place of command line options


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